Getting blog feet wet

Ok. Just making a go of it here to see if this works. First summer of posting. I will try to improve as we go along.
Three cruises already and its only the beginning of June. First trip on May long weekend in Desolation Sound, a team of videographers from Switzerland, Hawaii, Chicago, Victoria and Vancouver all showed up with hundred pound packs of camera gear. The greatest challenge of hosting this cruise was navigating through all the gear littering every square foot down below.
Up on deck they proved to be a hardy bunch swimming most every day in cold water hiking and jumping off cliffs. Of course when you have so many cameras rolling you have to put forth your best and bravest (see pacific encounters instagram). There were no less than three drones up in the air at the same time near missing and sounding off as though we had disturbed a Giant bee hive. The photo offerings they all promised to send me to post on this blog-vlog should be a showcase of their prodigious talents. I will post them as they show up in my box.
The gallery was taken on this trip with the new camera I asked Levi to find for me. He then insisted on giving it to me. When I tried to refuse he wore me down and finally traded me the camera for an extension cord and a pair of pliers of mine that he accidentally packed up and absconded with. Such a guy and such a deal I could not refuse. He is really quite a fine fellow.
Check out his blog I’ll see if I can be regular about these posts between trips.

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